adidas laces
signage system and interior design
herzogenaurach 2011

living letters, turbocharged typography 


the name “laces” has a metaphorical value, capturing what the building says about the networked communications of a globally active corporation – a market leader in the development of sports goods and apparel. movement is the essence of sport – and movement also defines the design language: turbocharged typography runs through the new adidas design centre. it is also reflected in the typeface of the signage system: fast and light, it leaps and bounds across walls and balustrades, its form vibrating and altering in the process.  


invited international competition, 1st prize 





project team: 

carolin himmel (project management) 

andreas uebele 


interior design: 


büro für gestaltung 

project team: 

mia kreil  

diane ziegler 






werner huthmacher 

christian richters 


principal typeface: 

adihaus, own 



eicher werkstätten 


segd 2014 global design awards, merit award 


german design award 2014, winner 


if communication design award 2013, gold 


deutscher designer club (ddc), good design 13, silver 


german design award »designpreis der bundesrepublik deutschland« 2012, nominated 


red dot award: communication design 2012, red dot 


tdc new york, tdc58 2012, certificate of typographic excellence 


ed-awards 2011, silver 


the ring, ic@ward international interior design 2011, gold