bosch automotive steering
signage system
schwäbisch gmünd 2019

folding and unfolding

for bosch we reinvented the square, the shape at the heart of the company’s previous wayfinding system. building on a square-based modular grid this basic geometric shape becomes an ingenious puzzle piece, pointing in any direction and helpfully solving the riddle of any journey. whether mounted on ceilings or walls, or freestanding on the ground, all the sign structures are made from sheet steel folded several ways, like japanese paper art. the resulting individual sculptures match the location and function of the sign in each case. paint finishes in the various bosch house colours accentuate the particularity of these origami-style creations. the folded forms present a system that solves complex tasks in a simple way, revealing the beauty of technically intelligent solutions as the journey unfolds.



robert bosch automotive steering gmbh


wulf architekten

communication design:

büro uebele

visuelle kommunikation

project team:

yanik hausschild

carolin himmel

christian lindermann (project manager)

andreas uebele


brigida gonzález


bosch sans


tokyo tdc annual awards 2022, excellent work