university of applied sciences osnabrück
signage system
osnabrück 2004

a sky of black letters and numbers, interspersed with red clouds. words like stars show the way, guiding the traveler. the ceiling is the firmament, scattered with words, the concrete walls are bare. as people look ahead of them, they naturally locate the repeated information that guides them through the building – the text is big enough to grasp instantly, so there’s no danger of anyone losing their footing. the space adapts to the user. the pure austerity of the floor and walls reaches a brilliant culmination in this starry sky, with its pattern of images the eye can read: cassiopeia, ursa minor, pollux, andromeda. 



staatliches baumanagement



jockers architekten bda

project team:

gerd häußler

(project manager)

andreas uebele


andreas körner


art directors club new york, 

distinctive merit 


art directors club für deutschland, 



new york festivals 


if communication design  

award 2005,  

if award für exzellentes design 


d&ad, london, 

silver award 


red dot award communication design 2005, 

red dot: best of the best für höchste designqualität 


deutscher designer club ddc, 



the chicago athenaeum,  

good design award 2005 


tdc annual awards 2005,  

tdc tokyo, type directors  

club of tokyo 


laus 06, adg (ascociación  

de directores de arte  

y diseñadores gráficos) 

selected work 


joseph binder award, gold