visual identity
venice, 2023

la biennale di venezia

accompanying design of the project »Neighbours« by karin sander and philip ursprung in the swiss pavilion at the 18th international architecture exhibition.

the project »Neighbours« by karin sander and philip ursprung emphasises both the spatial and structural proximity of the swiss pavilion to its venezuelan neighbour as well as the professional connection between the two pavilion architects: the swiss bruno giacometti (1907-2012) and the italian carlo scarpa (1906-78).

the design takes up the concept of neighbourliness. two different typefaces, standing in close proximity to each other, reproduce a common content and thus enter into a dialogue. besides the mere reproduction of the content, a new typographic image, a new perspective is created.


communication design:

büro uebele

visuelle kommunikation

project team:

luisa graf

eileen gräfenstein

lorenz grohmann

carolin himmel

marcel tillmanns

andreas uebele


suisse int'l

suisse works