labcampus munich
signage system and light concept
munich 2024

light forms

light trees and bushes divide up the space on the new labcampus at munich airport. the client wanted a combination of signage and lighting and was looking above all for innovation. which is why remarkable sculptural features have now sprung up between the buildings, giving the site its own distinctive atmosphere. the building labelling system follows urban protocols and, like the arboreal light forms, brings the scene to life: buildings are identified with names and numbers in white luminous figures and letters.


client and investor:

labcampus gmbh, flughafen münchen gmbh


auer weber, lab 48, airport academy lab 52

communication design:

büro uebele

visuelle kommunikation

project team:

carolin himmel (project manager)

julian körner

andreas uebele

light planner:



zumtobel group


aldo amoretti


munich airport pro